Texas Green Party aims for revival in 2010

The Fort Worth Star-TelegramJanuary 19, 2010 

Looking for something a little different this political season?

If so, Green Party of Texas members believe that they'll be able to provide that.

They know that most Texans are focusing on Republican and Democratic primaries and that no Green Party candidate has been on the state’s ballot since 2002.

But Green members say they hope for a revival in 2010.

They're fielding 21 candidates in Texas this year, seeking positions ranging from governor, lieutenant governor and comptroller to congressional and legislative posts, state board of education seats and county jobs statewide.

Now they just need 43,991 Texans to sign a petition to get Green candidates on the November ballot.

"We have had some challenges getting on the ballot in the past, but we hope this year will be different," said Thomas Muhammad, co-chairman of the Green Party of Texas. "People are sick and tired of the two parties because they have not delivered on many of the promises they laid out over the past decade.

"We are offering an alternative to the longtime duopoly," he said. "We hope to bust that up and give people a real choice."

The Green Party of Texas has been around for years but got a boost in a statewide grassroots effort in the late 1990s, promoting "green living," liberty, a clean economy and each generation passing along a clean environment to the next.

Many recall the role that Ralph Nader, then a Green Party candidate, played in the 2000 presidential election.

Some say he was a spoiler that year, winning almost 2.9 million votes and helping tip the race toward then-Texas Republican Gov. George W. Bush and away from Democratic Vice President Al Gore.

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