Commentary: Alaska is no place for Pacific chorus frogs

The Anchorage Daily NewsDecember 21, 2009 

We don't care if they can do "Carol of the Bells." They don't belong here.

Alaska's Department of Fish and Game has issued a severe order against the Pacific chorus frog, a little amphibian that apparently was tucked away in the branches of Christmas trees imported from Washington state.

If you shake your tree and a frog falls out ... Excuse us, that sounds like a line from the children's book "If You Give a Moose a Muffin." It's hard to finish the sentence with a straight face.

Look, we take this threat as seriously as the state does. Invasive species are no laughing matter. Though, the Pacific chorus frogs aren't exactly invaders. More like stowaways. Probably sleeping in the trees when they were cut; next thing they know they're in Alaska and people are trying to rub Orajel into their heads, send them to that big lily pad in the sky and stick their remains in the freezer.

Poor frogs.

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