Experts: There are still jobs out there

Bradenton HeraldDecember 18, 2009 

So you've been looking for work for months and now the holidays are here.

No one's in their office, you're feeling depressed because you have no money and everyone else is celebrating.

What should you do?

Don't stop looking for work, job experts say. They insist there are ways to continue the fight for employment during the holidays and avoid the obstacles you’ll face.

"Many people make the crucial mistake of thinking that this is the wrong time of year to be looking for a job," says Debra Woog-McGinty, a career counselor, workplace specialist and founder of MBA Navigator.

"Offices tend to be quieter, hiring managers want to catch up on things. It's a good time to go in and meet people," she said. "The fiscal year is ending and some companies know they have money to use, or they'll lose it if they don't fill the job at the end of the year. Managers are motivated to hire."

Still, several local heads of hiring agencies say the holidays present some substantial obstacles for those looking for work.

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