Commentary: Life's good things were free for Easley

The Charlotte ObserverOctober 29, 2009 

Free stuff.

Lots of free stuff.

Gov. Mike Easley lived like a sweepstakes winner during his eight-year term, according to testimony in a hearing this week in Raleigh.

He got all these freebies: plane trips, home repairs, a fishing trip to Florida.

Some folks grumble that our former governor might have been harboring a minor character flaw. That he may have been, shall we say, less than candid about his activities.

Nonsense. He promised us what he would do, and he was true to his word.

Easley campaign promise, October 2000: "I want to enlist North Carolina citizens from all walks of life and from all points of view in the effort to curtail unnecessary spending. I support empowering real people."

Mission accomplished.

Consider this week's testimony of longtime pal McQueen Campbell. He fell under the category of an empowered real person.

He flew Easley around on the campaign. Easley stuck him for the $87,000 bill.

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