More family values: ex-S.C. GOP official caught with stripper in cemetery

The StateOctober 28, 2009 

Columbia's assistant city manager for public safety says the city will not formally investigate an incident Monday involving former state Assistant Attorney General Roland Corning.

Corning, who is a former state legislator, left his job with the attorney general's office after he was pulled over Monday on suspicion of illegal activity. When he was pulled over, Corning identified himself as an employee with the attorney general's office and was not charged with a crime.

The city's Mike King said after reviewing the incident with Police Chief Tandy Carter, "there is no indication of any wrongdoing of the officer."

Officer Mike Wines, whose wife works in the attorney general's office, stopped Corning Monday after witnessing his car pull into a secluded spot in Elmwood Cemetery in downtown Columbia.

Corning was in the car with an 18-year-old employee of Platinum Plus Gentlemen's Club, Wines reported. After receiving conflicting stories from Corning and the woman, Wines searched Corning’s car and found some sex toys and sex enhancement drug.

Wines said Corning told him he had a prescription for the drug. He and the woman were later released.

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