Scam artists target Chinese drywall cases in Mississippi

Biloxi Sun-HeraldOctober 8, 2009 

The Mississippi State Board of Contractors says scam artists in Florida are targeting homeowners by trying to sell them bogus test kits, inspections and cures for tainted Chinese drywall, and they're warning Mississippi homeowners to watch out for the scams here.

The MSBC said homeowners have reported being offered bogus test kits, inspection offers, ozone generators and chemical cleaners to fix problems related to the drywall, which has prompted thousands of U.S. lawsuits in more than 26 states. Most of them are in Florida.

MSBC Executive Director John M. Sullivan II said homeowners should be wary of salesmen claiming to be able to detect defective drywall by testing the air in a home and also not fall for those offering remedies that they say will remove the corrosive properties of the plasterboard.

“We’re just trying to make consumers aware that these scams might be coming into the state,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan says the presence of defective drywall can’t be found in air quality tests, nor can it be fixed with chemical sprays or ozone generators.

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