Punk rock for God at Holypalooza

The StateSeptember 29, 2009 

Hanging out in Finlay Park is much different these days for Steve Seshun.

Holypalooza, the concert Sesshun has organized, will be held Saturday in the park. And it will be a joyous experience, very much unlike the one he had 17 years ago.

In 1992, Seshun and his then-girlfriend had gone to the park to smoke marijuana. On the way home, while driving through Five Points, they argued and she ran a stoplight.

The police pulled the car over, and, "I acted difficult," Seshun said.

"It wasn't my first time in trouble," he continued. "I was facing a DUI at the time."

His difficulties, which included assault on an officer, led to $50,000 bail - and two weeks in jail.

"I thought my life was over," Seshun said. "I didn't call anybody.

"I created problems for myself. I dug a ditch and kept digging."

His cellmates finally persuaded him to call for help, and his brother bailed him out. His father hired Jack Swerling to handle the legal side of things.

For his personal troubles, Seshun turned to God.

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