For the love of Julia, please see this movie

Charlotte ObserverAugust 12, 2009 

She had me at "butter."

Meryl Streep's Julia Child doesn't just say it. She breathes it, she sighs it, she croons it. It's practically her first word in the movie "Julie & Julia," when Child and husband Paul settle in for their first meal in France and a sizzling pan of sole meuniere is presented at tableside.

I've been besieged by food fans and friends who want to know if they should go. After all, reviews have been lukewarm.

What do I say? Go, by all means. If you love food, if you love cooking, if you love Julia, go. My colleague Lawrence Toppman said in his review, "as Child would have told you, a souffle isn't a filling meal." Au contraire, mon ami. With a salad and a glass of wine, Julia would have told you a souffle can be a delightful meal. Not all meals have to be banquets, son.

That said, a couple of things stick with me about the movie.

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