Community service for the creator of Raleigh's 'Barrel Monster'

Raleigh News & ObserverJuly 21, 2009 

Though it only appeared on a Raleigh, N.C., street for a few hours, the 'barrel monster' created a sensation — and led to charges for its creator.

RALEIGH — The creator of the "Barrel Monster" made of orange and white construction barrels was given 50 hours of community service for misdemeanor charges of larceny and damage to property.

Joseph Carnevale, 21, a North Carolina State University student, said he will probably fulfill his punishment with Habitat for Humanity, which builds homes for low-income families.

Once he completes the community services, the charges will be dropped as part of an agreement worked out by his lawyer Bill Finn and Wake assistant district attorney Stephen Saad.

After a minute-long court hearing, Carnevale answered questions from gathered reporters, saying that he'd like to make more Barrel Monsters. But this time, he'll buy the barrels instead of taking them.

"I really don't think if I had gotten arrested, it would have gone this far," Carnevale said.

Carnevale was arrested June 10 by a Raleigh police officer who spotted the barrel creation on Hillsborough Street, where it was up for a few hours on March 31.

The Barrel Monster was seized by Raleigh police as part of their investigation and is now in pieces in a Raleigh police evidence room.

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