Ex-John Edwards aide Andrew Young peddling book

The Charlotte ObserverJune 23, 2009 

Andrew Young, the one-time aide to former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, has been peddling a book to New York publishers, a Web site reported Monday.

Young claimed to be the father of the child born last year to Rielle Hunter, with whom Edwards acknowledged an affair. Edwards has denied he's the father of Frances Quinn Hunter, born in March 2008.

According to Sara Nelson, a blogger for The Daily Beast and former editor in chief of Publishers Weekly, Young has been marketing a 20-page proposal with the help of agent David McCormick.

When Edwards' affair and Hunter's pregnancy became public last year, Young claimed to be the father. With help from an Edwards' supporter, the late Fred Baron, Young and his wife and three kids – and Hunter – moved to Santa Barbara, Calif. He's now reported to be back in Chapel Hill.

"According to editors who saw the proposal," Nelson wrote, "Young went along with the plan – for an undisclosed sum of money – and took Hunter in for eight months.… Young wanted to help his friend, he says …

"But when Young voiced his concerns to Edwards, he was cut off by the candidate, and has had virtually no contact with him or his family since."

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