Progress scant on troubles of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Sacramento BeeJune 1, 2009 

A panel of officials appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to solve the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta's water and environmental problems plans to give the state an "incomplete" grade for its progress so far.

The seven-member Delta Vision Task Force, led by former Sacramento mayor Phil Isenberg, officially doesn't exist anymore. But after releasing its December recommendations, it decided to stay alive as a private group to press for action, and it was scheduled to release its official report card on Monday. Results in the draft don't look good: The group finds that the state has made little to no progress on most of its recommendations.

The task force called for aggressive action to improve water delivery and ecosystem health in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, a source of drinking water for more than 23 million Californians. Many proposals would be expensive and controversial, such as building a diversion canal around the Delta. Others came with aggressive timetables, such as legislation this year to reform Delta government.

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