Mayors group presses President Obama on aviation

The Wichita EagleMay 7, 2009 

About 70 mayors and other officials, including Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer, are calling on President Obama to protect aviation-related jobs and their economic impact.

In a letter to the President, they're asking him to use his bully pulpit to help change "toxic perceptions" about general aviation.

"Recent negative press which has mischaracterized general aviation has created a poisonous climate for the aviation sector of the economy," the letter said.

Jobs have been lost and a sector of the economy has been damaged, it said.

"Mr. President, we call on you to speak out," the letter said.

Brewer reiterated his invitation to Obama to visit Wichita to get a firsthand look at the aviation industry here.

So far, there's been no response.

"I will continue to make the request every opportunity I get to," Brewer said. "The aviation industry is as equally important – if not more important – than the car industry. I believe we need to focus on that and keep that in mind. They really need to come and see what we're doing."

Brewer has been in contact with the United States Conference of Mayors, which is supportive of the effort, he said.

The Alliance for Aviation Across America is in charge of the letter and effort to get Obama's support.

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