Group plans ads supporting Sanford's stimulus stand

The StateApril 10, 2009 

A nonprofit group with close ties to Gov. Mark Sanford will spend $230,000 on television ads defending Sanford's opposition to some federal stimulus money.

Sanford will appear in the ads, sponsored by Carolinians for Reform. The group was founded by a handful of Sanford campaign donors and aims to educate the public about the governor's positions. Sanford frequently has appeared in ads by similar groups that support his agenda.

Sanford said the ads, which begin airing today, are meant to clear up "confusion" about his position. Opponents, including lawmakers and the Democratic National Committee, have tried "to frighten a lot of teachers and law enforcement," Sanford said.

Sanford has opposed using $700 million of $2.8 billion in federal stimulus money, which will come directly to the state, to balance the state's education and law enforcement budgets. Sanford wants an equivalent amount of money to be used to pay off state debt or he won't apply for the $700 million.

In the ad, dubbed "Price," Sanford warns about the future impact of stimulus spending.

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