Alaska's Powerline Pass famous for viewing moose

Anchorage Daily NewsOctober 5, 2008 

The greetings exchanged on the trail between Powerline Pass and the Glen Alps entrance to Chugach State Park say it all:

Find 'em?" asks one balding, middle-aged man.

"See any?" asks another.

Between the people carrying cameras or binoculars, no more need be said. The reason they are here is well-known.

High above Alaska's largest city, fall has sparked an annual mating congregation of majestic bull moose. Thousand-pound animals sporting antlers as wide as a man is tall, they gather along Campbell Creek to joust for mates. The area, once something of a secret among wildlife viewers but now increasingly well-known, offers some of the best moose viewing Alaska has to offer within an easy, half-hour drive from downtown Anchorage.

Photographer Stefan Meyers came all the way from Germany to witness and photograph these animals.

On a bright Wednesday afternoon, he was stalking a grunting, huffing bull with antlers more than 60 inches wide. Single, spearlike brow tines jutting straight out at least a foot from the base of the animal's wide, palmated antlers made this moose appear particularly dangerous.

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