Sen. Kennedy makes surprise trip to Denver for convention

McClatchy NewspapersAugust 25, 2008 

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DENVER — Sen. Edward Kennedy is in Denver and expected to attend tonight's session of the Democratic National Convention — an appearance likely to assure the Democrats of a highly emotional moment.

Aides to the Massachusetts Democrat, who was diagnosed earlier this year with a malignant brain tumor, stopped short of saying he would speak. Kennedy taped a five-minute video message recently at his Cape Cod home, and it's expected to be shown tonight as part of a tribute to Kennedy.

Kennedy came to Denver Sunday evening and was examined at a local hospital.

Afterward, spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said, "He's truly humbled by the outpouring of support and wouldn't miss it for anything in the world."

Kennedy's appearance could be the last by a Kennedy brother, closing an era that began in 1956, when John Kennedy made a bid for the vice presidency.

John Kennedy lost that bid, but it catapulted him to national prominence, and four years later, he won the presidency.

Ted Kennedy has been a constant presence at Democratic conventions, most notably in 1980, when he electrified the convention with his "dream shall never die" speech. Kennedy had challenged President Jimmy Carter for the party nomination that year.

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