Iowa voters talk about their choices

McClatchy NewspapersDecember 30, 2007 

DES MOINES — Iowa voters who participated in the McClatchy-MSNBC poll offered these comments:

For Romney

"He's been very successful. He was a good businessman. He straightened out the Olympics. He was a good governor. He's able to get things done."

— Melvin Kiner, retired school administrator from Altoona

For Huckabee

"I like the fact he was the first one to say there would be no politics on Christmas and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

"Romney? He's probably a good guy. But I want a Republican. I'm not against his (Mormon) religion, but I wonder if he could pull enough votes."

— Barbara Paradine, a retiree from Waterloo

For Edwards

"He's the most electable. Hillary has a lot of negatives. A lot of people simply would not vote for a woman, unfortunately. And the Clinton baggage is very significant. Obama, I like him very much. But I'm afraid a lot of people unfortunately will think he's a Muslim, Obama sounds like Osama and he did go to a Muslim school. Also, he's young and he's black. Again, unfortunately, many people wouldn't vote for him."

— Harland Graber, retired physics professor from Cedar Rapids

For Obama

"He is not a typical politician. I trust him more. I read his book. He has a broad perspective on the world. Typical politicians are out for themselves. They're full of ambition, more than helping the people in the country.

"Edwards would be my second choice. I don't care for Hillary at all. I don't trust her. She's just in it for her own ambition, not for the people."

— Kimberly Thompson, an associate marketing director from Des Moines

For Clinton.

"She's the smartest and the toughest and exactly what this country needs to get back on its feet. Also, because Hillary is a woman, I feel more of a kinship with her.

"I started out as an Obama supporter. But he bashes the Clintons for all the turmoil in the '90s as if it were their fault. A good Democrat wouldn't do that. That really turns me off."

— Mary Vinyard, retired civil service worker from Davenport

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