Roundup of Violence in Iraq for Sunday July 22, 2007

McClatchy Newspapers BAGHDAD, Iraq _July 22, 2007 

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- Police found the dead body of Brigadier General Falah Khalaf of the ministry of Interior. Khalaf was kidnapped earlier and his dead body was found in Ur neighborhood.

- Police found the dead body of police Captain Ahmad Saadi, the official in Al Bayaa police station. The captain was kidnapped by gunmen in Al Bayaa neighborhood (west Baghdad) yesterday and his dead body was found in Shurta Rabiaa (south west Baghdad).

- Around 12:30 p.m. A suicide truck bomb targeted a tribal leader house in Al Taji in Jurf Al Milah. 5 were killed and 12 were injured.

- Around 4 p.m. a parked motorcycle bomb explosion targeted civilians in Al Kulfaa square. 2 killed and 20 were injured.

- A mortar shell landed near Al Sadeer hotel. 2 civilians were injured.

- Gunmen killed one citizen and injured two near Al Muthana airport.

- Gunmen attacked Iraqi national police patrol in Doura. 2 policemen were injured.

- A mortar shell landed in Al Hurriyah neighborhood causing damages to a house.

- A mortar shell landed in Sheikh Maarouf area causing damages to a house.

- A mortar shell targeted police station in Sadr city causing damages to the building.

- An IED explosion targeted civilians in New Baghdad causing injuries to two citizens.

- A mortar landed in Bab Al Sharqi market. 1 civilian was killed and 2 were injured.

- A mortar shell landed in Bab Al Muadham area causing no casualties.

- Police found 16 dead bodies throughout Baghdad.

2 in Ur, 2 in Sadr, 4 in Amil, 3 Bayaa, 2 in Saidiyah, 2 in Doura, 1 Jihad.


- Six men were killed (most of them are Kurds) and 4 other citizens were injured in the last 24 hours in Mosul is separated attacks, as follows:

- Gunmen killed two citizens Fareed Mohammed and Haval Mohammed in Al Jazair central Mosul last night.

- Gunmen killed citizen Mohammed Ahmed Al Barzanchi in Al Entisar area.

- Gunmen killed Shamil Mohammed Mosa Duski in Al Shiaraien are northern eastern Mosul.

- Gunmen killed Adham Abbas Surchi in Al Andalus area.


- Gunmen attacked three trucks carrying watermelon on the main road from Khanqeen to Buhruz. 6 men were killed in the attack.

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