Round-up of daily violence, Wednesday 11 July 2007

McClatchy NewspapersJuly 11, 2007 

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.


- Around 10 a.m. a parked car bomb explosion targeted a U.S. military convoy in 52 St. in Karradah. One military vehicle was damaged, Iraqi police said today.

- Three guards in Dar Al Salam bank in Al Sadoun Street robbed 282 Million U.S. dollars, Iraqi police said. The bank didn’t confirm the number yet.

- An IED exploded under a parked Iraqi police vehicle near their checkpoint in Zafaraniyah area today. No human casualties.

- A mortar shell targeting Al Qanat police station. One American soldier was injured, Iraqi police said.

- A mortar shell landed in Al Doura neighborhood. One resident was injured.

- Mortar shells landed in the following neighborhoods: Baladiyat, Rustumiyah, Palestine Street and Ur neighborhood causing no human casualties today.

- An Iraqi police checkpoint in Al Saidiyah neighborhood suspected an approaching car to be a car bomb. Police ordered the driver to stop. The driver didn’t stop and policemen started to shoot at the car killing the driver and the car exploded causing no casualties, Iraqi police said.

- Police found 18 dead bodies throughout the capital today. 5 in Amil, 3 in Bayaa, 6 in Saidiyah, 1 in Sadr, 1 in Ealam, 1 in Zayunah, 1 in Ur.


- A mortar shell landed in Al Muqdadiyah. 4 citizens were injured.

- An IED explosion targeted an Iraqi army convoy in Baqouba today. 1 soldier was killed and 4 others were injured. The convoy was supposed to reinforce an Iraqi army unit that was clashing with gunmen near Khan Bani Saad town.

- Gunmen attacked an Iraqi police station near Al Khalis. One policeman was killed and three gunmen were detained.

- Several mortar shells landed in Al Khalis targeting an Iraqi army checkpoint. The shells damaged the checkpoint and the near by residents houses causing no human casualties.


- Tikrit general hospital received from the American troops in the area the dead body of policeman Aqeel Abdul Ameer. The deceased used to live in one of the villages of Al Shurqat and no further information about his death circumstances were provided by the Iraqi police.

- American troops bombed the house of Khalaf Al Jubouri in Dhulouaiyah area. 1 woman was killed and one woman was injured and 4 children, Iraqi police said today.

- A man killed his sister and chopped her head off in a village north east of Beiji yesterday night. Fakhri Badri Nida killed his sister in Al Bu Jari village after she “confessed” that she helped attacking the Iraqi troops using an IED, police source said.


- The new appointed police chief survived an ambush in central Basra last night. The police chief was leaving a joint coordination center when gunmen attacked his convoy. British troops helped evacuating the chief from the site.

- Iraqi police boats in Abu Al Khaseeb area (20 Km south of Basra) clashed with smugglers. One policeman was injured and the suspected smugglers fled with their boats.

- Police captured two gunmen after they managed to rob a house in north of Basra. The two gunmen took 92,000 US dollars from the house, golden possessions and two pistols.

Al Anbar

- A suicide wearing a vest bomb targeted a police patrol in Al Jumhuriyah area in central Fallujah yesterday. The suicide was riding a bicycle. 3 civilians were injured.

- Gunmen attacked Al Shihabi police station yesterday. Police detained 4 suspects today.

- Gunmen leveled three huoses that belong to policemen in Garma area (north east of Fallujah).

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