Roundup of daily violence, Wednesday 4 July 2007

McClatchy NewspapersJuly 4, 2007 

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It's posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy's Washington Bureau.


- Around 10 am, random clashes took place at Mansour neighborhood (west Baghdad) killing two people.

- Around 1.15 pm, a suicide car bomber targeted an Iraqi army check point near the bridge that connects between Saidiya and New Baghdad (formerly called Saddam Great bridge) killing 2 soldiers and injuring 7 others.

- Around 1.30 pm, a roadside bomb targeted an Iraqi army patrol near Shurta Tunnel at Ja'amia neighborhood killing one soldier and injuring 3 others.

- Around 3 pm, mortars hit the green zone (IZ) without casualties recorded.

- Around 4 pm, mortars targeted Mansour neighborhood (west Baghdad) near (Milk Master market) injuring two people.

- Around 4.30 pm, mortars hit Doura neighborhood (south Baghdad) injuring two people.

- Around 4.30 pm, gunmen with three different cars attacked some shops at Meshtal neighborhood in New Baghdad (east Baghdad) killing two men and kidnapping five others.

- (16) sixteen unidentified bodies were found in Baghdad in the following neighborhoods: (13) were found in west Baghdad (Karkh bank); 3 in Bayaa, 2 in Saidiya, 2 in Amil, 1 in Doura, 1 near Nafaq Al-Shurta in Ja'amia, 1 in Khadraa, 1 in Ja'amia, 1 in Hurriya, 1 in Shulaa. While (3) dead bodis were found in east Baghdad (Risafa bank); 1 in Kesra Watash, 1 in Ur and 1 in Sadr city.

Suleimaniya ( 331 km north of Baghdad)

- Wednesday morning, police found beheaded body for unidentified man at Azban plain in Darbedikhan (66 km south of Suleimaniya in the north of Iraq).

Anbar (110 km west of Baghdad)

- A suicide wearing a vest bomb detonated himself in a famous tribal sheikh house west of Falluja two days ago, Falluja police said today. The suicide approached the house of Sheikh Mohammed Al Dahal, a sub tribe sheikh of Al -Bu Esa tribe, while many sheikhs were in the house. The suicide apparently was recognized as a friend and he was allowed to go in the house without being searched. As soon as he entered the house he detonated his vest bomb killing four men (including the son of the sheikh) and injuring 7 other men. The incident took place on July 2, 2007 around midday in southwest Falluja area.

Diyala (66 km north of Baghdad)

- Tuesday morning, 3 terrorists were killed in clashes took place between the Iraqi security forces and the terrorists at Zour village in Muqdadiya (36 km north of Baquba).

- Tuesday morning, a policeman was injured when gunmen opened fire on him at Blour village in Muqdadiya (36 km north of Baquba).

- Tuesday morning, gunmen attacked two houses for two former brigadiers in the Iraqi army at Jalwla ( north of Baquba) killing one and injuring the other.

- Wednesday morning, clashes took place between twenty-revolution battalion, which fights side by side with American troops, and Al-Qaeda at Shrween village in Muqdadiya (36 km north of Baquba). Twenty terrorists were killed in that clashes while no casualties were recorded from 20th revolution battalion, a source from Diyala salvation council said.

- During the last 24 hours, 25 gunmen killed, two others injured and 5 are in custody of the American forces which made a raid on Kuba village and Al-Mukhaisa (north east Baquba). Also a haunt for weapons including bombs, rocket-propelled and grenades are found there.

Salahuddin (157 km north of Baghdad)

- Around Tuesday afternoon, an Iraqi soldier was killed when gunmen opened fire on his own car on the way between Dour (13 km east of Tikrit) and Tikrit.

- Early morning of Wednesday, a roadside bomb exploded at Suleiman Bek (7 km south of Tuz Khurmatu which is km north of Tikrit) targeting an Iraqi patrol killing one soldier and injuring three others while their Humvee is totally destroyed. The soldiers who were in that vehicle are Kurds.

Kirkuk (255 km north of Baghdad)

- Around Tuesday night, a roadside bomb targeted a police patrol near Kornish street in downtown Kirkuk injuring a policeman with some damage to the vehicle.

- Around 11.50 pm of Tuesday night, a roadside exploded targeting an Iraqi patrol near the main bus station in Hawija (south west of Kirkuk) injuring one soldier.

- Around 1.40 am of Wednesday, a roadside exploded at Al-Askri neighborhood in downtown Kirkuk. No casualties recorded.

- Around 5.45 am of Tuesday morning, fire of BKC machine guns opened on a police patrol near Urouba bridge that joins Urouba with Nasr neighborhoods in downtown Kirkuk killing one policeman and in injuring three others.

- Around 11.15 am of Tuesday morning, a roadside bomb exploded at Al-Qadisiya intersection that leads to Kirkuk directorate traffic targeting the security man who is responsible for guarding the head of Kirkuk directorate (lieutenant Adel Anwar) injuring him with another civilian who was nearby.

Basra (549 km south of Baghdad)

- Tuesday night, a joint forces from investigation bureau and private unit had a raid on haunts in Fao area (90 km south of Basra) having 12 suspected in custody who belong Jund Al-Sama (Heaven's soldiers) organization.

- Wednesday morning, police found a dead body for an interpreter who was kidnapped on Tuesday night at Door Al-Nefit (Oil Houses) north of Basra city. The dead body had several bullets in head.

- Wednesday morning, police released five girls who were abducted at Al-Hussein neighborhood (west downtown Basra city).

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