Round-up of daily violence, Wednesday June 27, 2007

McClatchy NewspapersJune 27, 2007 

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.

Baghdad - Around 12:30 p.m. an IED exploded targeting civilians in Sabiaa Abkar neighborhood. 3 civilians were killed and 10 were injured.

- Around 4 p.m. a suicide car bomb exploded targeting an Iraqi police checkpoint on the western side of Al Jadiriyah Bridge. 1 policeman was killed and 6 were injured 3 of them were civilians.

- 2 civilians were killed and 10 were injured by a U.S. military convoy fire in Sadr city today, Iraqi police said. U.S. officials didn’t immediately respond for comment.

- Police found 21 dead bodies all over Baghdad.

1 in Shuala, 1 in Hurriyah, 1 an Amil, 1 in Ghazaliyah, 5 in Bayaa, 1 in Saidiyah, 1 in Khadra, 1 in Doura, 1 in New Baghdad, 1 in Sadr, 6 in Fdhiliayh, 1 in Sleikh.


- 19 Iraqi citizens were killed and 28 were wounded due to mortar shelling and gunmen attacks in Al Khalis and its suburbs yesterday evening. Governmental sources spoke on condition of anonymity said that 41 mortar shells landed in different neighborhoods of the town and started about 5 pm and lasted for two hours killing 5 residents and injuring 15. About the same time gunmen attacked Al Tahwila area killing 14 and injuring 13. The source said many families were displaced from the area due to the attack.

- Governmental and political parties’ sources in Khalis disputed a U.S. military statement that was issued few days ago; the statement said that a U.S. helicopter killed 17 terrorists but these sources say these men were protecting their own town from terrorist attacks. They said that Abbas Muthafar Hashim, Shakir Adnan, Ali Jawad, Jassim Jaleel, Abbas Jaleel, Kamal Hadi, Jamal Hassan and Mohammed Abdul Kareem were killed and 8 others were injured. They noted that the killed were members of what is called the popular committees that protect the area from the terrorists attacks, as they said.

- A statement by Diyala salvation council said that the residents of Al Muathin village in Wajihiyah town, one of the villages of Muqdadiyah 25 Km east of Baqouba had defeated an attack yesterday evening. The statement accused al Qaida for the attack and said in a short statement that about 50 gunmen attacked the village and after two hours of clashes a resident from the village Qusai Najim Abid Al Timimi was killed and 3 others were injured while at least 4 attackers were killed.


- Police patrols found an anonymous dead body near Gemen village north east of Kirkuk early today. Police said that the body had multiple gun shots and was tortured, but couldn’t identify the dead man, believed to be about 35 years old.

- Around 2:30 p.m. Gunmen attacked Al Basheer city police station south of Kirkuk. 4 policemen were killed in the attack and one injured gunman was captured.


- Iraqi police found a head of a man inside Tikrit bus station downtown Tikrit city early today. Police said the head was wearing an Iraqi military hat and police transported it to the Tikrit hospital's morgue. - On Monday June 25 a U.S. military patrol delivered to Tikrit hospital a body with multiple gunshots in the head and other parts of the body. The troops returned this morning and retrieved the body.

- Gunmen attacked an Iraqi army soldier of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade of the Iraqi army 4th Division as he was driving his civilian car on the main road near Al hiliwa village, about 80 Km east of Tikrit city today. The attackers killed the soldier and injured his brother.

- A truck exploded near Al Shirqat last night. Iraqi security sources told two different versions about the incident and the location. The first account said the truck exploded while it was parked near Al Hugna village and killed 1 and injured 4. A police officer said the truck exploded as gunmen were rigging it as a truck bomb near Al Etha village and at least 10 gunmen were killed, he said. The two villages are close to Al Shirqat and no resident could be reached to verify the two accounts.

- Men in Iraq Ministry of Interior commandos uniforms executed a 60 year-old-man in front a his grocery shop in Mariam market in central Samara this afternoon. Shortly after, these men burned an apartment not far from the place after ordering the family that lives in it to leave and also burned three parked cars, a local police officer said.


- An Iraqi fisher man was killed and another was injured today. Colonel Abdul Kareem Al Zaidi, Basra police spokesman, said the two fishermen were in the Iraqi waters near Al Faw when Iranian guarding post shot them.

- Three gunmen stormed house of a member of the boarders’ guards in Al Marbad area in Al Zubair. The policeman was killed as he fought back the attackers and killed one of them.

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