Round-up of daily violence, Monday 25 June 2007

McClatchy NewspapersJune 25, 2007 

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.


- Around 10 a.m. a road side bomb exploded in Zafaraniyah neighborhood. 2 civilians were injured.

- Around midday a suicide wearing a vest bomb detonated him self in the Al Mansour hotel lobby. The hotel is about half a mile away from the Green Zone. The bombing killed 12 and 18 were injured. Among the dead Sheikh Fasal Al Guood, the former Anbar governor and a member of Al Anbar Salvation Council, and a well known Iraqi poet Raheem Al Maliki, Iraqi official TV said.

- Around 12:30 p.m. a suicide wearing a vest bomb detonated on a side road near Al Waziriyah fuel station. No casualties were recorded.

- Gunmen using 6 SUVs that looked like the Iraqi ministry of interior vehicles killed Al Latifiyah area local council member Auda Mutalq as he was driving his BMW in Mahmoudiyah today, Iraqi police said.

- Around 1 p.m. mortar shells landed in Al Saidiyah neighborhood injuring 3 residents.

- Police found 16 dead bodies throughout the capital today. 2 in Bayaa, 3 in Amel, 1 in Khadra, 1 in Mansour, 2 in Saidiyah, 2 in Salam, 2 in Al Turath, 2 in Doura, 1 in Qahira. Hilla

- Around 6:30 a.m. A suicide driving a car bomb detonated his car in front of a police academy not far away from the governor building of Babil province. 8 were killed and 25 were injured. Salaheddin

- Around 9 a.m. a suicide truck bomb targeting Beiji police dept. The bombing caused sever damages to one of the police quick response buildings and the surrounding houses and shops. 18 police men were killed and 55 others including civilians were injured. After the bombing a curfew was imposed in the city. An Iraqi police source said that U.S. snipers killed 4 Iraqi civilians as they were closing their shops. The U.S. military officials denied the incident took place.

- Iraqi police source said that seven civilians were killed and 2 were injured near Al Dujail when a U.S. military helicopter opened fire on a mini bus but U.S. military officials denied the incident occurred.

- A road side bomb exploded targeting a police vehicle on the main road near Al Dujail north of Baghdad this morning. 1 policeman killed and 3 were injured. Basra

- Police found the dead body of the assistant of the intelligence head of the 10th Iraqi army division in Basra in Al Fersi area central Basra last night. LC Fares Mohammed was kidnapped yesterday. The kidnappers released his bodyguards and his driver.

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