Round-up of daily violence, Thursday 21 June 2007

McClatchy NewspapersJune 21, 2007 

The daily Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers Special Correspondents in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.


- Around 9.50 am, three mortars are lobbed on the green zone (IZ) one was on the park of the Cabinet building, the second on Ibn Sina hospital and the third on a camp for the multi national forces. No casualties recorded ,but some parked cars were burned.

- Around 4 pm, a roadside bomb targeted an American patrol in Shulaa neighborhood ( west Baghdad) without casualties recorded.

- Around 4 pm, a roadside bomb exploded in front of a joint forces' patrol from police and army at Ma'amoun neighborhood when they had got a call of having a dead body in the area to deal with. When the bomb exploded killed one officer from the army and injured a policeman.

- Around 4.30 pm , mortars hit Abu Disheer neighborhood killing one resident and injuring three others. - Around 5.15 pm, mortars hit the police academy without casualties recorded.

Around 6 pm, a suicide truck bomber targeted the headquarter of the police commandos at Al-Mada'in( 30 km south of Baghdad) killing 2 policemen and injuring 12 including two civilians.

- Twenty (20) dead bodies were found in Baghdad as the following : 15 were found in west Baghdad ( Karkh bank) ; 3 in Saidiya , 3 in Amil , 3 in Ma'amoun , 2 in Mahmoudiya , 2 in Bayaa , 1 in Ghazaliya , 1 in Hurriya .

While 5 bodies were found in east Baghdad ( Risafa bank) ; 3 in Sha'ab , 1 in Adhamiya , 1 in Suleikh.

Diyala ( 66 km north of Baghdad) - Wednesday afternoon, a greengrocer was assassinated when a gunman opened fire on him near Al-Hurriya police station (east Rouz river) at Balad Rouz.

- Around Wednesday afternoon and evening , 19 persons killed including 9 policemen from Baquba city in different incidents despite the huge operation been started in Diyala province by the American and Iraqi troops to establish order in the area.

- Wednesday afternoon and evening , terrorists used the mortars to attack the villages of Mujaama and Beni Zaid in the south of Buhrz ( 6 km south of Baquba ) killing a female child and injuring 17 people.

- Wednesday night , an armed group broke through Abdu Allah Al-Jibouri house ( the chairman of the Solidarity committee with Mujahdi Khalq , the Iranian organization in Iraq, at Harounia neighborhood in Muqdadiya ( 45 km north of Baquba) .No one was harmed in that attack with only some damage to the house.

- Around Thursday noon, terrorists bombed a primary school in Qara Taba village ( 79 km north of Baquba) causing great damage to the building. While two days ago, a school and mosque were bombed in Kinaan village ( 21 km south east of Baquba).

- Around Thursday noon, Khalis hospital ( 15 km north of Baquba) has received 3 dead bodies in two different incidents. Two of the dead bodies for civilians with 5 others injured when a unit of the Iraqi army opened fire accidentally on the main road of Khalis village ( 15 km north of Baquba) .While the third body was to an Iraqi soldier who was killed when terrorists opened fire on an Iraqi patrol at Salam village of Khalis( 15 km north of Baquba) around mid-day .

- Around 2 pm , 6 people were killed and 3 others injured at Barghash village in Balad Rouz (40 km east of Baquba) when clashes took place between gunmen and the residents of the village , Diyala Salvation Council reported .

- Thursday afternoon , a former general in the Iraqi army was killed by gunmen near the old clinic of Khalis ( 15 km north of Baquba) in middle of the market of the city.

- Around 5 pm, 3 people were injured from Koubat neighborhood in Khalis ( 15 km north of Baquba) when a roadside bomb exploded in front of a shop in the area.

Salahuddin ( 175 km north of Baghdad)

- Around 10 .30 am ,a suicide fuel tanker bomber ( Hino model) targeted a compound of three buildings of Sleiman Bek village ( 7 km south of Tuz Khurmatu )and it is 90 km south of Tikrit . The compound consists of Suleiman Bek municipality , the police station of it and the board council. The explosion caused a great damage to the village municipality and some houses near by , killing at least 15 persons and injuring 70 others ( civilians and policemen).

Kirkuk ( 255km north of Baghdad) - Around 11.15 pm of Wednesday night, a roadside bomb exploded when a joint forces from Iraqi and the multi national forces where on the way of Kirkuk airport having no casualties recorded.

- Around 11.30 pm of Wednesday night , gunmen opened fire on Hawija residents ( south west of Kirkuk) injuring one resident who was taken at once to Bakara hospital for medical treatment.

- At dawn ( around 5 am of Thursday ) , a joint forces from police had a raid on the neighborhood between Haja Sabria mosque and festival yard in Kirkuk city having 16 machine guns in possession with two stolen cars including their drivers.

- Around 11.30 am , gunmen killed a corporal of the Iraqi army in the fourth battalion on the mid way between Kirkuk and Biji while he was on his way to Al-Sufra village which is one of the villages of Riadh district west of Kirkuk.

Karbala ( 108 km south of Baghdad)

- Around 5 pm , a force of the police commandos had raids on the neighborhoods of southern and western Kerbala ( south of Baghdad) having 6 members of Al-Mehdi army in custody.

- Today , Kerbala cemetery had got 130 unknown dead bodies which had been brought from Baghdad morgues as they have been there for more than three months without been identified . Thus th whole number of the unknown dead bodies buried in Kerbala reached ( 3627) .

Basra ( 549 km south of Baghdad) - A British soldier was killed by mortar attacks on the multi forces headquarter in Hakimia neighborhood in the midtown of Basra city yesterday evening , the spokesman of the British forces said.

- Wednesday night , an employee of Zubair citizenship directorate ( 30 km west of Basra ) was assassinated by gunmen .

- Wednesday night , the directorate of Basra citizenship ( colonel Fadhil Abass ) is survived from an assassination attack in Ashar city in the midtown of the city .

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