McClatchy Washington Bureau ChiefJune 7, 2007 

With its bureaus in Washington and across the globe, McClatchy's award-winning journalists are dedicated to independently covering the news. Our reporters and editors are committed to providing readers with a brand of journalism that is verifiable, accurate and timely. We are not partisans and we do not advocate on behalf of any political party or perspective.

McClatchyDC's 40 journalists are part of the wider McClatchy family of news men and women who work in 14 states, 29 communities and on four continents.

Our work appears on a variety of McClatchy's news products, from websites like this one, to mobile and tablet apps and on the printed pages of 29 separate newspapers. In all, more than 40 million people read McClatchy journalism each month. In addition, McClatchy's news is circulated to about 1,200 media clients worldwide by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

The McClatchy Company has a long and storied history, beginning with its first newspapers founded during the gold rush days in California in the mid-19th Century. In 2006, McClatchy acquired the Knight Ridder Co., extending its reach across the United States and around the world.

The journalists in the Washington Bureau are a blend of those two companies.

McClatchyDC's journalists are proud of our tradition of independence. Although our offices are just a few blocks from the White House, we aim to cover Washington from an outside-the-Beltway perspective. Relying in part on McClatchy's newspapers, which extend from Miami to Anchorage, we report not just about the people who make the decisions in Washington. We also focus on the citizens of America, who must live with those decisions.

As a result, McClatchy's journalists have produced uniquely important journalism. We were alone in questioning the Bush administration intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction before the Iraq invasion. McClatchy led the reporting on the politicization of the Justice Department under former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in the US Attorney's scandal of 2007. Similarly, our journalists have done groundbreaking work on Goldman Sachs and the nation's financial collapse; on the Obama administration's insider threat investigations, on military justice and on immigration; on China's human rights violations and on the Syrian rebellion, the turmoil of the Arab Spring and the recent Egyptian coup.

You can count on McClatchy to watch Washington and the World.

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